Anti-Ageing Serum Review

In today’s article we are going to talk about high-quality and recommendable anti-ageing serum products. They are able to give our skin enough moisture with their high concentration and hereby minimize unwanted signs of ageing.

I love to use high-quality, effective and skin-friendly care products. But I need to watch out for these products’ mixture and active agents because of my sensitive skin.


What is the difference between anti-ageing serums and normal skin cream?

Anti-Ageing Serum vs Facial Cream

A beauty serum contains active care agents in a high-concentrated form. This serum is meant for an almost immediate anti-ageing effect and therefore needs to have a really intensive formula.

On the other hand these beauty serums have a thinner and lighter consistency, watery up to jellylike. This way they can be absorbed faster by the skin and sink in with an intensive effect.

Normally it is not enough to only use an anti-ageing serum as your day-lasting skin care. That is the main difference between serum and cream:

  • The cream’s effect is not as intense but made for a longer period of time.
  • A beauty serum should be used in addition to your usual skin care – best would be before putting on the day cream, it will be absorbed better.

An anti-ageing serum can also be used as a treatment for your skin when it’s dry, tired or irritated. The serum can help by giving your skin a kick of freshness.

I was often deterred by the high prices of beauty serums, because I only looked out for really expensive brand products. But later I found out that you can buy products which are effective and reasonably priced at the same time.

Today I am going to introduce three of those products. I’m curious about your feedback. 🙂

Summary: A cream works slowly and sustainably, whereas anti-ageing serums can be used for its immediate freshness kick as well as a recovery treatment for our skin. With its highly concentrated active agents it will work intensively against first signs of skin ageing.



3 recommendable anti-ageing serum products

Our Tip #1: Amara Organics Hyaluronic Acid Serum – low-priced and effective

Anti-Ageing Serum #1
Amara Organics Hyaluronic Acid Serum (*CLICK*)

This serum is my personal best in test. It gives your skin the needed moisture because of its high-concentrated Hyaluronic Acid und immediately gives you a spontaneous moment of freshness.

Hyaluronic Acid is produced naturally by the body. It is contained in our skin. The skin is able to produce a lot of water. The body’s own production of Hyaluronic Acid will start to lessen with age 25. That is why the skin loses its elasticity while ageing.

You can read more about the anti-aging properties of Hyaluronic Acid in this review.

The Amara Organics beauty serum should ideally be applied every morning and night. It will start working after only a short while on your skin.

This product is also recommendable as a beauty treatment for tired and restless skin. In addition, Hyaluronic Acid as a body’s own substance is skin-compatible, even for sensitive skin (I can approve with my sensitive skin).

Preview Product Rating Price
Our best in test: Amara Organics Beauty Serum Our best in test: Amara Organics Beauty Serum 1,715 Reviews $15.95


Our Tip #2: Instanatural Vitamin C Serum – against dryness wrinkles and tired skin

Anti-Ageing Serum #2
Instanatural Vitamin C Serum (*CLICK*)

This serum has a 20% Vitamin C concentration. This active ingredient is a strong antioxidant and has moisturizing features. Having said this, it is also strong against free radicals and enforces the skin’s natural barrier.

The contained Vitamin C also works against pigmentation because of its melanin-inhibiting effect. It reduces skin impurities and helps to attain smooth skin.

The most effective form of Vitamin C skin care products are anti-ageing serums. They contain the highest concentration of this active agent, compared to creams or gel products.

Many beauty serums which contain Vitamin C also contain other active agents for skin care to intensely work against skin ageing.

You can read more about the anti-aging properties of Vitamin C Serum in this review.

The Instanatural Beauty Serum should be used once a day – optionally after a gentle skin cleansing in the morning or evening.

Preview Product Rating Price
Our Tip #2: Instanatural Beauty Serum Our Tip #2: Instanatural Beauty Serum 3,436 Reviews $21.95

By the way, Instanatural offers also a Vitamin C Cream in addition to this serum. The cream is even more hydrating to the skin due to its richer formula. (*CLICK*)

P.S. You can read a comprehensive customer review of this Vitamin C Moisture Cream here.



Our Tip #3: Skincare LdeL Retinol Serum – stimulates and smoothens the skin

Anti-Ageing Serum #3
Skincare LdeL Retinol Serum (*CLICK*)

This beauty serum contains the anti-ageing active agent Retinol (a form of vitamin A). Retinol works mainly against the effect caused by UV-rays.

By the way, the sun’s rays are the main cause for the ageing of our skin. But I guess that’s nothing new to you. 😉

Retinol stimulates the skins own collagen production and strengthens the skin from inside out. It also has a strong antioxidant effect. It is important to know, that retinol can’t be produced by our body.

You can read more about the anti-aging properties of Retinol in this review.

The anti-ageing effect should show after about 4-6 weeks of treatment and differs by the treatment’s intensity and the serum’s concentration.

This serum is suitable for facial treatment and décolleté area. It is absorbed really fast and has great short term effects.

The Skincare Anti-Ageing Serum should be used once a day – best would be your evening routine. You should use a good moisturiser after the serum is absorbed.

Preview Product Rating Price
Our Tip #3: Skincare LdeL Beauty Serum Our Tip #3: Skincare LdeL Beauty Serum 230 Reviews $29.99


Questions to the treatment and effect of anti-ageing serum products

Anti-Ageing Skin Care

Does a beauty serum really smooth all facial wrinkles?

As soon as I see the newest anti-ageing products in an advertisement, which proclaims that facial wrinkles all disappear after usage, I turn off the TV. It is complete nonsense.

Nothing in this world is so great that it can reverse our skin’s natural ageing process. Maybe it can slow the process down – but this is only possible for the most effective skin care products.

Depending on the wrinkle type it is not even possible for plastic surgery to flatten wrinkles for a long term. Let alone a beauty serum which only takes effect on the skin’s surface.

You should never forget this while listening to all those advertisements. 😉

skin care routine


Do I need to understand all active agents of anti-ageing serums?

Of course it is nice to know which agents are contained in a beauty serum. That way it is possible to estimate the expected effect and decide if the product is needed.

But to understand every single new active agent I guess you need to have a degree in biophysics. This should not really be necessary.

You should be careful with beauty blogs. They are often sponsored by the manufacturers and bloggers get free products so that they write good reviews but actually have no idea what they are doing.

It goes without saying that these reviews need to be treated with care.



Which are the benefits of expensive brand serums?

The most expensive anti-ageing serum must not always be the best one. But high prices have their reason. Big manufacturers spend a lot of money for research in order to obtain better and more effective results and products.

Through constant improvement and fine-tuning it is possible to get more special products for skin problems on the market – like anti-ageing products for example.

These premium beauty products can be really expensive and there seems no limit, but you don’t really have to pay such high prices. As a beginner it is better to start off with a less expensive beauty serum so you can get to know its usage and effect.

Later you can still get more expensive and products with better quality.


What else do I need to know for anti-ageing treatments?

At the very end I will tell you 3 things you should always pay attention to:

  1. Sun blockers are the most important thing for a proper anti-ageing skin care. Too much sun has a negative effect on our skin, which are wrinkles, pigment spots, dry skin and many other ageing effects. These damages can be avoided by a proper sun blocker.
  2. You are what you eat. Things you tend to eat on a regular basis can show on your skin. If you are unhappy inside, your skin will be unhappy too. Lots of fruit and vegetables (antioxidant effect) as well as omega-3 fats (avocado and almonds) should exist in a balanced diet.
  3. You need to drink enough! Sallow skin is often a result of lack of moisture. Our facial skin needs a good moisturiser. The skin will produce more sebum if it lacks moisture. This will result in imbalances, problematic mixed skin and skin impurities. Dryness wrinkles are also a direct effect of a lack of moisture. Consequently treating your skin with high-quality moisturisers is a fundamental step to remain youthful and healthy skin.

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