Borlind Regeneration Cream Review #1

by Zoe on 10.07.2017
“A neutral skin care product in many aspects, but also really effective in moisturizing your skin.”

I went to a pharmacist concerning my dry skin and she recommended the Anne Marie Borlind Regeneration Day Cream.

Because I started doing a lot of sports I lost a few pounds and that was when the dryness of my skin increased. The pharmacist said this effect might be created by a fat deficit. I changed my diet completely in order to lose some weight. But the downside was that my facial skin got rougher.

Before buying the Anne Marie Borlind cream from the pharmacy I wanted to make up my mind first if this is the best solution. Most of all it was, because this product is really expensive and purchasing it again and again would be too costly in the long run.


But later I found this Regeneration Day Cream for a much cheaper price on the internet, so I decided to give it a try.

Anne Marie Borlind skin care products are a bit more expensive in general compared to conventional skin care products, but the manufacturer works without animal research and the products are free of any unhealthy additives, which is also nice.

Additionally, I always wanted to try out a high quality product for my skin, because I needed something that is sustainable and improves my skinโ€™s structure in the long run.

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The consistency and fragrance of the Anne Marie Borlind Day Cream

This Regeneration Cream is rather neutral concerning the look and consistency as well as the fragrance. There are countless care products that seem a bit greasy or have a really strong scent, but you will not have that problem with this cream.

This product is really suitable to be combined with other care products. But it also works well as sole foundation to your daily skin care routine. It is an unobtrusive companion that sets in directly after applying and does not leave any disturbing or annoying effect on the skin.

My experiences with this product

Sometimes my skin reacts a bit unruly when I try out new care products, but this time it reacted perfectly well to the Anne Marie Borlind Regeneration Cream.

I guess my skin is compatible with this cream because of the moisture and protection it gives. I imagine that this skin care product could be a bit too rich in its consistency for skin that is not as dry as mine. But this is my personal impression and it can only be proven wrong or right by trying it out for yourself!

I cannot confirm that this cream works against wrinkles. This product is a classical care cream and not some anti-ageing miracle cure. Those products are normally much higher priced.

You will have less dryness wrinkles after applying this cream, because of its great moisturizing effect. But you should not hope for too much, because this product was not invented for the purpose of letting wrinkles vanish.

If you are searching for skin care products that are made especially for wrinkles around your eyes then I can recommend the Eye Wrinkle Cream by Anne Marie Borlind (*CLICK*). This product specializes in smoothing the skin around the eyes by “padding” it from inside. But let us get back to the main topic. ๐Ÿ™‚



My Conclusion

To sum it up, I can recommend the Anne Marie Borlind Regeneration Daily Cream to everyone who has dry skin. This cream gives your skin the necessary moisturizing care and hereby reduces the tension of your skin that is caused by dryness.

I think that the daily cream is really rich so the higher price is reasonable. You should also know that this product is a lot cheaper if you order it online instead of purchasing it in the pharmacy.

Have fun testing it! ๐Ÿ™‚



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