Amara Organics Serum Review #1

by Anja on 07.26.2016
“Hydrates, softens and smoothens the skin.”

In this review I’ll be taking a look on my experiences with Amara Organics Face Serum (20% Vitamin C). I’ve been using this serum for three months now, so I think that it’s high time now to share my insights with you.

Due to a bunch of positive reviews I read in the internet about Vitamin C in the beauty care, I really got interested in it.

Of course some people write reviews that aren’t completely true and most of them tend to be too positive. That seems also to be the case with some of Amara Organics customer reviews – they sound a bit too enthusiastic (you can check this out here).

Maybe it’s partly because of the product samples provided for free – we’ll never know. Whatever – the best way to form a proper opinion about a product is to try it yourself.

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A few words on Amara Organics

I didn’t know Amara Organics before. This US-American manufacturer produces biological cosmetics, as they tell you on their web page. So the products don’t contain any preservative agents, synthetic or toxic ingredients. Also they don’t test the product on animals, what’s very important for me.

So I got more and more curious about it and I ordered the Serum by Amara Organics to test it.

Why is Vitamin C a good anti-aging skin care?

Vitamin C mostly occurs in nutrition. But it’s also good for the skin:

  • as antioxidant that fights free radicals which are bad for the skin
  • as supporter of the collagen production that helps the skin to gain elasticity

I did some research about Vitamin C and found a lot of positive aspects. I wanted to test it by myself and see if all of these statements were true.


How does the Amara Organics Serum feel on your skin?

The serum is a yellowish and transparent liquid. You sample and dose it with a pipette which allows you to take the desired amount of serum out of the vial.

If you apply it on your cleansed skin, the serum gets completely and quickly absorbed by the skin. You really only need a few drops to cover the complete face. After the serum got into your skin, it appears brighter and more youthful.

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About the ingredients of this Serum

Albeit I am far away from being a professional chemist, I think the Amara Organics Face Serum contains good substances:

  • Aloe Vera extract works as a moisturizer and an antibacterial agent
  • 20 % sodium ascorbyl phosphate (Vitamin C)
  • 10 % organic Hyaluronic Acid – a natural moisturizer and anti-wrinkle ingredient
  • Glycerin protects and hydrates the skin
  • Jojoba Oil makes the skin smooth and elastic
  • d-alpha tcopheryl acetate (Vitamin E) is also a strong antioxidant

I didn’t find any ingredients that have negative effects or have a large allergenic potential. That’s certainly one of further advantages of this product.


How did I apply this Amara Organic Face Serum?

As already mentioned I had no idea about Amara Organics before. That’s why I first hesitated to apply the serum on the daily basis. I wanted first to see which effects it would show on my skin. It turned out that my skin accepted this product very well, so after some time I continued with a daily application.

How does your skin feel after the application of the Serum?

The Amara Organics Serum worked very well on my skin. After three months of using the product, the overall appearance of my skin became a lot better.

I didn’t have very bad skin problems before the application, but my complexion was a bit sallow and my skin was too dry from time to time. It’s important for the skin to get a proper moisturizer, in order to look smoother and healthier. This has a large impact on your complete appearance.


Unfortunately I couldn’t notice any visible effects of anti-aging out of the application of this Serum. Having said this, my wrinkles around the eyes are still there. On the other hand, you can’t expect any strong anti-aging effects from a product, which was in use only three months. Long-term impact comes after years of continued application.

By the way: It’s often been said that many people start very late with anti-aging skincare. In my opinion it’s important to provide your skin with a good treatment, irrespective of the age and the state of your skin.

In any case, starting with anti-aging skincare is a good thing – already worthwhile because of the clear conscience after the application. 😉




Summary of my findings from the Amara Organics Serum Review

I’ll definitely use this Amara Serum further on – there’s still a little left over for the next few weeks.

After my review, I took a glance at the other products of Amara Organics. Some of them also got very good reviews. For example, there’s an organic face toner for sensitive skin. I’d love to try this one on the next occasion. Even though I have absolutely no idea what „Witch Hazel“ means. 🙂

At the moment I’m in search for an anti-wrinkle lotion which is really good and suitable for my skin. Most of the lotions are simply too expensive for me to just try them out. A friend of mine is very enthusiastic about the anti-aging cream by Shiseido Beneficiance. We’ll see, maybe she allows me to try it for a few days.

See you soon, guys!



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