Alyssa Ashley Musk Lotion Review #1

by Carmen on 07.14.2017
“The scent is something you need to get a bit used to, but you get good value for money.”

This time I tested the Alyssa Ashley Body Lotion. It is a product that can be used by women as well as men. This lotion’s formula has not been changed for a few decades. That is mainly the reason why a lot of women in their older years know about skin care products from this manufacturer.

This was a reason for me to try out the Alyssa Ashley Body Lotion myself and see if its active agents can stand its ground against similar modern products. Let’s see what this classic can offer. 🙂

First we’re going to have a look at the INCI-list, followed by the body lotion’s fragrance and its effect.


Composition and consistence

Let’s take a look at the INCI-list:

Mineral oil is mentioned second. The opinions differ on this active agent. Many say that it blocks the skin pores and affects its breathability. This might not always be the case. It is known that mineral oil is definitely cheaper and lasts longer than most of the vegetable oils. Therefore you don’t need any (or at least much less) preservatives to make this product last longer.

Mineral oil is used as a lubricant, it keeps the skin from emitting moisture to the outside. It is said to be neutral and little irritating, as well as non comedogenic. I think there is no problem in using mineral oil in cosmetic products. Therefore I don’t see it as a downside to Alyssa Ashley’s Body Lotion that it contains mineral oil.

What is mentioned third is perfume. Now I actually understand why this body lotion smells rather strongly and might not be liked by everyone. Added fragrances can cause skin irritation when they are used too often. So I will deduct a point for Alyssa Ashley’s Body Lotion.

The body lotion itself is easy to apply because of its rather light consistence, but at the same time it is rich, easy to spread and sets in really well. My skin tends to be a bit dry, but this lotion is really suitable for it and turned out to be pleasant and skin-compatible.

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The fragrance of Alyssa Ashley’s Lotion

I wanted to talk about this product’s scent seperately. The fragrance is very dominant, especially after applying. But later it evaporates rather fast, so only a little of the aroma remains on the skin.The idea of how a skin care product should smell was completely different 40 years ago. Hence this lotion smells like musk, bloomy and rich.

This scent is quite the opposite of today’s trend. Especially high-grade skin care products nowadays smell usually unobstrusive and low-key so they do not “bother” the user.

I think this oriental-like, flowery scent of the Alyssa Ashley Body Lotion is a matter of taste. I can imagine people who have already used it for several years really like this scent. But the modern customers might need time to get accustomed to this particular scent. I mentioned it before, about 30 minutes after applying, the scent will only slightly linger on the skin.


My Conclusion

I can’t argue about the effect of Alyssa Ashley’s Body Lotion. It soaks in fast, blends in well with my sensitive skin and leaves a good moisturizing effect. My skin benefits from this lotion for the whole day as it doesn’t tauten and stays smooth.

All in all I am very satisfied with this lotion’s effect. Nevertheless, there are also other good products in the same price category that can compete with the Alyssa Ashley Body Lotion, in its creamy consistency as well as the moisturizing effect.

There are for example Neutrogena’s Body Sheer-Oil Lotion and Biotherm’s Anti-Drying Body Milk. These lotions are also suited for sensitive skin and are even cheaper than our review’s product.

Of course, in the end you decide by your personal preference, skin’s composition and your own expectations. The Alyssa Ashley Body Lotion is a good but certainly not an outstanding body care product if you compare it to today’s competitor products.

I hope that my review of the Alyssa Ashley Body Lotion was helpful and thanks for reading!


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