Alverde Cellulite Oil Review #1

by Jenny on 01.14.2019
“It has a tightening effect, but you shouldn’t expect too much of it.”

I don’t really have any problems with my skin’s cellular connective tissue. And I would guess this comes more from my genes than the fact that I changed my lifestyle. So why did I want to try out the Alverde Cellulite Body Oil then? This is because I simply don’t like the consistence of most body lotions.

Most of the lotions I tried out were sticky. After trying some out I rather like to use body oils to moisturize my skin and take care of it. And you can always use something to tighten your skin, that’s why I decided to try out an anti-cellulite product.

Is Body Oil something important?

Alverde Cellulite Oil Review

The price has a high priority criterion for my skin care products, because I don’t use skin care products sparingly. One flask filled with 100 milliliters lasts about one month. By the way, Alverde has many different oils for a low bis medium budget.

Also, with oils I always feel like I really get the full effect of their active agents. It is impossible to notice what oil was actually used for each bottle just by seeing it. But I still get a strong feeling that body oils don’t have those unwanted substances contained in them.

Of course there are many skin care oils that contain mineral oil and additional emollients and you can’t solely rely on the price to find out. Thus it is good to know that this Alverde Body Oil doesn’t have any added parabenes and synthetic coloring or scents. Also, the basic materials are from controlled organic farming.

The Alverde Cellulite Body Oil contains a whole lot of ingredients that remind me of a Mediterranean spice shelf or an ice-cream parlor: lemon, juniper and rosemary meet apricot, peach and lime. That sounds exciting and tempting, don’t you think?

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Are price and performance made for one another?

Altogether there are ten oils named as main ingredients, supported by a mix of essential oils that were added as fragrance as well as organic alcohol as preservative. After some investigating I found out that all oils have similar effects, but in this particular combination they seem to have different duties.

Almond, jojoba and apricot kernel oil are said to be gentle to the skin, set in fast and keep the skin moisturized for a longer period of time without leaving any nasty and greasy film. I assume that some of these oils are rather expensive. Therefore they added a number of cheaper oils with a similar effect.

The oils from sunflower seeds and soya beans are able to regulate the skin’s moisture almost as well as the oils that were mentioned above. They are often used as a base for the more affordable body oils. Having said this, they also contain linoleic acid which is a major component of the first dermal layer.

skin care routine

Juniper berry, lime and cypress oil tighten the vessels. This way the skin looks tighter and the pores are being refined. These oils also stimulate blood circulation which helps remove harmful substances and waste products from our body. Rosemary and lemon give the muscles a higher tension. As a result, the skin seems tauter and tighter.

This effect shows directly after applying the oil but will wear off after some time. These types of oils are often used for relaxing massages after a workout or sports. Reading the package information thoroughly you will notice that you should do lots of sports anyway to improve the product’s effectiveness against cellulite.


It sets in rapidly with a fast effect. But does this effect last?

This promising mixture of oils is easy to spread and just as easily absorbed by the pores. It says on the packaging that the oil will be absorbed faster when applied on moist skin. And this is a really helpful tip! After two or three minutes, about the same time you need for blow drying your hair or brush your teeth, the oil is fully absorbed by the skin.

By the way: This tip also works perfectly for creamy Body Milk or Body Lotion!

The scent of lemon peel can be a bit too much at some point. I think it has a nice and fresh feel in the summer, but it gets too much when I want to use a nice perfume thereafter. Then I’d rather apply some skin care product that is less scented. Also, perfume lasts longer when used on oily skin.


Big promises, but with compromise: No effect without exercise

The instructions on the packaging promise improvement of the cellulite after four weeks of treatment. But you can find a note on every free spot of the packaging and label where it says that this only works with proper nutrition, pluck massages and sufficient exercise.

After treating your skin with Alverde Cellulite Oil it feels smooth and supple. It also looks rosy and healthy after combining this treatment with a brush massage or a full-body peeling (at the moment I am using an Organic Coconut Body Scrub for that purpose). I can still see stretch marks from my growth spurts, but they seem a lot more even and unimposing.

I almost believe that it is impossible to get any kind of really long-lasting improvement with regards to the existing cellulite. What certainly can help to reduce the dents on the thighs are lots of sports, massages and healthy nutrition, but this only lasts for a short time.

If you ever get back to an unhealthy month of couch-potato where you lay in front of your TV every day and are even too lazy to go re-buy the Body Oil, you will definitely notice your legs going back to how they were before.

Another promising and similar product of the same price category is the Coconut & Hibiscus Body Scrub by Shea Moisture. The name suggests: smoother skin in only two weeks. Also, the first impression is auspicious: It smells like lily of the valley and baby. 🙂


My Conclusion

Alverde Cellulite Oil

The skin’s complexion can actually change a little when treating it with the Alverde Cellulite Body Oil, but only if you use it on a daily basis. But the extravagant scent that smells more of summer-style kitchen than bathroom is something I don’t want to use regularly.

I like to move a lot and also prefer healthy food, so I noticed a tightening effect on my skin when I used the oil on a regular daily basis. I cannot say how much of a role my beneficial genes are taking up in combination with the oil’s effect. I could imagine that this doesn’t work out for everyone.



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