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Alfason Repair Cream Review #1

by Josi on 02.02.2017
“A lasting and quite good skin care product but definitely not easy to spread because of its rich consistency.”

Some general information about the Alfason Repair Cream

The Alfason Repair Cream is one of the products of the Astellas Pharma company. The German branch is a subsidiary of the Astellas Pharma Inc. in Tokyo, with Astellas Pharma Inc. being a result of a fusion between two Japanese pharmaceutical companies in 2005.

Meanwhile the parent company in Japan belongs to the 20 biggest pharmaceutical companies around the world.

The special cream has been developed for dry to very dry skin and something that is quite exceptional about the Alfason Repair Cream is that it has both: a short-term as well as a long-term effect.


Looking at its short-term effect one can notice that it prevents an additional loss of moisture on the skin and therefore acts as a locking agent. It also rebuilds the skin’s natural barrier faster by supplying the skin directly with fats, which normally take a few days to build.

On the other hand its long-term effect is to store excess fats, which can – if necessary – be used at any time.

A very positive aspect about the Alfason Repair Cream is that it doesn’t contain any fragrances, pigments nor any preservatives. As far as it goes for me, I can attest that this cream really is meant for dry to very dry skin as it has a high fat content and certainly would be unsuitable for greasy or impure skin.

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Application of the Alfason Cream

This cream’s daily application on the dry patches of your skin should be as thin as possible. If you suffer from extremely dry skin you could even consider applying it more than once a day. And like I mentioned before, the Alfason Repair Cream is really only meant as a treatment on dry to very dry skin type.

As for the colour of the cream it is white and also nearly odourless. When we come to the consistency, the cream is way too thick (nearly like Vaseline) and you only need a small amount of it to “treat” even larger areas of your skin.

Sadly because of its thickness it is not easy to spread and there is just no way to get an even and thin film onto your skin, which is actually enough to nourish it. Unfortunately that makes me feel like I am wasting too much product, so that it doesn’t last long. The only positive aspect is that the tube is quite flexible and you can get a lot of product out even when the cream is nearly empty.

According to the manufacturer it can be used for your “typical” skin care routine. While researching information on the web, I also found out that dermatologists recommend this cream for light cases of neurodermatitis.

skin care routine

My experiences with the Alfason Repair Cream

Since the cream is so firm and doesn’t spread easily, I tried using it on the gaps between my fingers, which resulted in a failure. That is why for the last three weeks I have been only using it on my lips, which are very dry. It seemed though that the cream was nourishing my lips too well. I also started using it on my dry heels and about once a week on the dry areas of my elbows, which made them feel smooth again.

I was even positively surprised to realise that it was slightly water resistant (daily showers), which means that it is absorbed into the deeper layers of my skin and leads to a long-lasting effect. As for the elbows, this effect lasted me about 3 days and as for hands and feet, which are exposed to water on a more frequent basis, about 2 days, since water extricates the nourishment.

As I have previously mentioned, the cream is based on fats, which means that in addition to its moisturizing properties, it has also a nourishing effect. Especially with very dry skin this comes in handy and is quite important. It makes the skin soft and smooth.


My Conclusion

As for the effectivity of the cream, one could literally see that it certainly serves its purpose: it gave the treated areas the needed fats (and also nourishment), which soothed the slightly itchy and dry section of skin.

Furthermore it is very rich in consistency which makes it long-lasting and as advised beforehand great on the very dry patches of skin. If you would like something for your daily skin care routine, there are, in my opinion, other – equally good – products on the market.


I am profoundly convinced by this product and think it’s a great skin care item, as it made the treated areas feel less dry, cracked and less tense after only a few applications. Especially I have very sensitive skin and during the course of this treatment there were no side-effects to this cream.

Quite the opposite was actually the case: My skin felt healthier and fresher. And on the elbows you could see positive results after only 3 to 4 days. As you can read from my review, I am very satisfied with the Alfason Repair Cream, which I’ve been using for some weeks now. I also like that it is nearly odourless and doesn’t have that certain “cream scent” :-).

There is, however, a slightly disappointing aspect of the cream since it bothers me that it – even if you apply just a thin coat – doesn’t get absorbed into the skin fast and takes such a long time on certain areas, which could become uncomfortable. That’s why I have to take a point off in my overall evaluation of it.

All in all though I am very satisfied with the effect of the Alfason Repair Cream and I certainly recommend it.


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